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Ashley Hever | Talent Acquisition Manager | UK & Ireland

I’ve been here 14 years now and still every day is different and every day I’m learning new things – whether it’s organising a photo shoot, refining our social media strategy or getting to grips with search engine optimisation. There can’t be many jobs where you’re constantly stretched and feel that you’re developing new skills all the time.

These days there are so many ways to find out about Enterprise and it’s important that anyone who’s thinking about joining the company does their homework. So check out our website, read our blogs, follow us on social media and check out the career paths and stories here to get a real flavour of what the company’s like and a sense of whether we can offer the kind of career you’re looking for. For me, it’s the satisfaction of working with like-minded colleagues, talking to customers and constant variety in my job that keeps me on my toes.