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Mahes Ramasamy | Production Support Manager | Egham

When I joined in February 2015 I was a bit apprehensive. I had the impression that Enterprise would be a massive corporate giant and I wasn’t sure exactly how I would fit in. Turns out I didn’t need to worry. From the very first day, I discovered that the people are really down-to-earth and that we’re treated like family. I’ve really enjoyed every minute of working here so far.

My job is to look after customers and help them resolve their IT problems and I like the way I’ve been able to use my skills to help other people. Enterprise plays an active part in the community and I’ve been fortunate enough to help with a charity event at St Peter’s Hospital (this was my way of saying ‘thanks’ after they saved my child eight years ago) and also to work with a disability forum. This has broadened my understanding of how to build websites and applications. What I do know is that if I worked elsewhere I wouldn’t have had the same experience – the same ‘human touch’ – that I get at Enterprise.