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Adam Lovelock | Group Rental Manager

I’ve been with Enterprise for 12 years now and what gets me up in the morning (apart from my two-year-old) is not be able to predict what the day has in store for me but knowing that whatever happens, I’ll have the support of some of the friendliest, most professional colleagues in the business. We’ve got some great customers too – and although we’re not supposed to have favourites it’s always great working with people who have a similar business ethos and aren’t afraid to try new ways of getting things done.

To anyone who wants to kick start their career, I’d say this: make sure you’re willing to put in the effort that’s required to be successful in a fast-moving business like ours. We’ll help you to develop and flourish – but you need the right entrepreneurial spirit to succeed.

Ambitions? Someday I’d like to be general manager of my own group or maybe have moved on to a second general manager position of a larger group. Failing that, I’d like to hear my boss say, just once: “Hey Adam, how about we do your one-on-one on the golf course today?”